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We are The £ighted Ones of the twelfth dimension of the energy zone, known as the "causal" plane. From this plane, we are able to communicate through our channel, Pamela Rose. Although we are still Spirit in form, we allow our energies to penetrate the body of our channel to fulfill the energies of assistance by speaking. It is necessary to know that we are a group of seven that allow our information to go to you to assist you in your own awakening. We can aid you in deciphering your life to understand why you are involved in the earth plane. We can give you information on your own guiding angels or deities that are around your energy. We can assist you with health as well as with life's dilemmas. We ask that you remember that our own energy is only one of the reasons you feel better about yourself after listening to us. We welcome your questions and thank you for allowing us to become a part of your life through our words. We bless you.
Pamela Rose: You can email Pamela at A nine year old girl, channeled this message after Christmas, December 2001. Her mom passed this on to me and I am pleased to put this on the web page. I especially love the last two sentences and thank Sophia for allowing the Lighted Ones to speak through her. The Lighted Ones once told me "we are here for the many not the few". Pamela Rose 1/15/02 Sophia Hawes: Sophia has always been more intuitive than others her age.For Christmas I bought her a book, written for children, on how to experience your psychic abilities. Sophia took to the book immediately. It said to go to a quiet place. Ask a question. Listen for the answer. While I was out the other day, she did it. She said it was the lighted ones that answered her. And she wrote down what they told her. This is what they said to her: "you must mend and heal the soul, heart, mind and body every day. Your purpose for this time is very important because some people need you to release the fun in them. Once a day go to a quiet place and think or look at the ocean, or listen to relaxing music to relax your soul, heart, mind and body. Animals are more psychic then many other people. Every ray of light is a message from God, Angels, and Fairies to you. Everyone has a very special Fairy that flies around them. When one person on the world believes in Angels and Fairies, and God..a Fairy or Angels gets its wings. What lies before us and what lies beyond us is tiny compared to what lies within us. They who doubt don't get far."