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I am very excited to present this link of assistance to everyone.            There is no time or space when it comes to thoughts, love, and healing. I believe that miracles happen and the power of many individuals coming together in prayer and sending healing energy can help. It has been a dream of mine to support people in their healing processes even if I never personally come in contact with them. Everyone is a healer and we all can assist in this. If you know of anyone who would like to be on this page please send me a picture at . Any pertinent information would be appreciated (i.e. first name, age, what healing they need, and perhaps what city and state they reside in). Anything to help others focus in, to help assist. When changes occur it would be nice if that was also e-mailed to me so that others can share in this wonderful news. And spread the word to anyone who would like to help send healing light out. Hopefully this will join us all together as the family we are. My love to all of you, Pamela
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Please when you hear of disasters anywhere in the world, or help needed in any part of the world, take a moment to send love, light, and assistance to those people or places. Thank you!       Due to the length the healing list got and the age of the requests, I am deleting all those that are very old and leaving the most recent. If you still require some assistance please resend it to us at the e-mail .
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