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http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/alyssafox/mystory Alyssa has a rare heart condition that will require surgery within the week followed by additional surgeries in ~6 months and ~2 years. There is a high percentage chance that she will recover from this and live a happy and healthy life but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers to help her get through this! Please send healing energies and Prayers for this woman ..Thank you Pamela Rose   Her name is Wendy Lee Glassman, she is my aunt and lives with me here in PlanoTX...Her diagnoses is Stage 1 Breast Cancer but she was recently diagnosed with Her2Neuan aggressive form that was only discovered 4 years ago.  She has to have 6 sessions of chemotherapy 3 weeks apart starting 01/13/11.  It will be 18 weeks all total and then after that for the next 5 years she will be taking a radiation pill everyday.  Thank you for doing this--at this point prayers from all beliefs, religions and faiths are greatly needed and appreciated.  She has an 85% survival rate and her oncologist and his team are amazing.  We will need prayers for both our emotional states and financial survival.  She has had 2 day surgeries so far to remove the tumor and the additional edges that were still infected.  The chemotherapy is supposed to be the icing on the cake so to speak to make sure that there are no pinpoint tumors still in her breast that could advance rapidly. Prayer Request: Queensland Floods   Please continue to hold Queenslanders in your prayers, dear friends. More rain is on the way here. This video report is not media sensationalism -- the floods really are this bad and even more widespread than the news coverage on just this one area. As the reporter points out, the floods in this one place alone are covering an area the size of France and Germany combined.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaIwzyS0dRE&feature=player_embedded   I hold you all dearly, With love from Lyn
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