The Lighted Ones Q & Answers Good day The Lighted Ones I just wanna find out if I have a good future on the industry I'm in, the Logistics and I'm working as the In house clerk or maybe I should go back to School You have the ability to succeed at what ever you do in life so do what brings you joy. Reach out to what makes you happy. If it is another occupation then move towards that with surety. Do what you love always and even the tough parts will seem easier. With blessings to your discovery of love, The Lighted Ones No New Questions Will be answered at this time if you have a Question for the lighted Ones, Just Look within or we are sure you can find an answer in the existing Q & A pages they will assist you (donations sent, will support this site) ( a Donation is a very good thing to do) Thank you very much for sending the messages. Please keep them coming so I can motivate my staff every morning. Kind regards, --Grace This website is in no way affiliated with KHAYA FM in South Africa I would like all those from South Africa to know that I am not the channel that speaks on a radio station Khaya FM on Thursday mornings. I live in Colorado, USA. Blessings, Pamela

Dear Pamela Im a massage therapist and do some energy work and at the moment feel my life has come to a stop. Ive been trying for a baby and have been married for 8years and lots of people have said different things to me as to when then pregnancy will happen and i just get confused further. Im not workign at the moment and have more time on my hands. I would like guidance regarding pregnancy as i will do a test next week and in terms of my path and career/purpose. Thanks in full faith. Dreams are meant to be lived moment by moment. Live your life with love and clarity. Be pleased with this day and this life you lead. Do not look at life by listening to others but live each day as if your love cannot be contained. Be at peace change is here for you now. Be blessed by loving the life that is here for you now. The Lighted Ones HI i m Robert tell how can you help me to progree with my life whit out killing myself in the car accident or killing my relative i don’t want that help help from god yes Be always first with love in your heart, meditate daily and be at peace. Once you have done both of those and are living the life lovingly and peacefully you will see the path before you open wide with joy. When you take matters into your own hand first let your heart speak. In light of your understanding, The Lighted Ones After finishing my Marketing Degree next year, should I go for Personal Selling(face to face)or Retail Marketing or Branding or General Marketing. from Philande Follow your heart and let that guide you. What brings to you a joy of life, which career do you look at and get excited to do. When you follow your heart and desires you will find that the path is easy and joyful for you. In light, The Lighted Ones Hi Will I ever be married again and have my own children or child? Please answer me as I am in a very bad space right now. Thanks so much You can dream and you can be in harmony with your dreams. Behold life in a different way...know that dreams do come true. Then live your life accordingly. Only you can make you happy. Find the joy of life within you and the light you shine will attract others to you. Be at peace. Change is here when you choose to change you. In light of your understanding, The Lighted Ones shall i continue with my import company? Be at peace and enjoy the freedom that peace is for you. Be in joy and follow your heart and you will find success in many areas of your life. Live life as if all that you have desired is here now for you. Make your decisions based on your personal dreams and you will find that your life is an ease and all dreams fulfilled. In truth, The Lighted Ones which one should i proposed to. Which brings you joy, who do you look to understanding and compassion. Who brings forward love into your life and you will find your decision. Blessings, The Lighted Ones should i continue with what im currently studying right now? Only if it brings you joy and excitement for your future. In this way you will look forward to each new day. In light of your understanding, The Lighted Ones Dear Lighted Ones, I am in need of spiritual guidance. I am contemplating a major change in my life to leave my home - is this the time to do so or should I wait? Many thanks Any changes brought forth at tthis time would benefit you if done with love. You will be goig through many changes in the next couple of months. Live life with love in your heart no matter what the circumstances that surround you and you will find peace within yourself and guidance that comes in the form of dreams and assurances to the right decisions. In harmony with life actions, The Lighted Ones I bought my mom a beach house and a car but she always wants to hang around my house and does not like my boy and girl friends What should I do to tell her I am 39 years old, I need my space and peace , its ok if I make my mistakes and learn from them and I can handle my issues. Thanking you lighted one ‘s Life is as you choose it to be. Making mistakes is not an issue...creating what you choose is. It is not what you say but how you think or what you speak that is helping to create your life as it is. Think and believe that what your life is. Be in harmony with your life. Love everyone no matter their differences. Be seeing your mother happy with her own life and bless her each day with love in your heart and mind. Be happy The Lighted Ones I am wondering if you send guidance prayer for me, I am having financial problems right now. And I am also out of work I am not sure wich way to turn. My name is matthew hatten Know that change is here and know that as you can believe in change for your betterment it will aid your life greatly. See what you desire in your world and smile as you imagine that which will be for you. See the future as it will be in your present moment. See feel believe and know without a doubt that that is your reality. Believe and hasten the results. Know in your heart that the universe is plentiful and that abundance is your right. As you believe , know and witness that truth within you it will hasten your abundance. Believe in you now because change is here and you are making change within and what changes within changes in the outside world. Be at peace life is bountiful and it is into the bountiful natural life you are heading. Be with peace in your mind and belief in your heart. With truth , The lighted Ones Why Have you stopped the Free messages? its been a "One Way Street" Pamela have given for 20 years with little or no "Fair Energy Exchange" too many Takers, Pamela really enjoyed channeling for all of you, for free, it however is a lot of work, with little compensation. Dear Pamela Am I Pregnant , Regards, Thandi No you are not. Be at peace all that you desire now is coming forward in a different manner. Blessings to life, The Lighted Ones Web-Design by Made with Xara Web Designer