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Dearest Pamela I recently saw you on TV and decided to go onto your website. I was recently told to seek out the help of a spiritual healer and was not sure if you are who I should talk to. I need guidance in respect of my personal life.Nothing ever seems to go smoothly and I was told that serious spiritual healing was needed. Can you help me by letting me know what I can do? DOB: 12/04/82 Sincerely, Sash "Spiritual healing is recognizing that you are a Divine being and acting in this world as one. Coming from your heart and creating your life as you see it to be. Knowing that you are what you believe yourself to be. Correcting your thoughts in a manner that recognizes that love is your greatest allay in creating your dreams. Love is and will be the greatest motivation, the greatest joy, and the greatest creator of your life. Know what your truth is and know that as you see and believe your truth to it will be created. When you believe in your own abilities to manifest your own world then you are in conscious creation. Now it is time to do so. What do you want? How do you see your life being in regard to how you operate in the world you live in? How do you see your own being living in this world? Once you have answered these question ..Be, See, and think no thoughts differently. Watch as how you change inside of you that the world changes around you to fit those beliefs. Life can be made into dreams... so you are living the dream you choose. Our blessings be to you in your discoveries, The Lighted Ones" Hi There I recently started a new relationship, I still have my old boyfriend who isn’t ideal for me since he’s married, but I’m feeling that I’m more comfortable with the married man rather than the new man in my life. What must I do? Nomcebo There is no future with one who is committed to another in his heart. Do what is necessary to promote what you desire in your life. Let your dreams be fulfilled by knowing that all action and thought move in the direction of harmony and love in your life. And note that what you desire is there for you in all ways. In Truth, The Lighted Ones I need some guidance on my future - Career, Finances, Family and Marriage. What does the future hold for me? Your future is predetermined by your thoughts, beliefs, and actions towards your own goals. What do you desire and what energy are you willing to put towards those goals? When you believe in you, when you know that what you want is in your reach then take it one step further and live it as your truth. The greatest wisdom in creation is knowing that as you belive and as you think you create it in your world. Be joyous and thankful and be present in the moment to receive. In Light, The Lighted Ones Will I ever gain financial strength and comfort? Thanks Phillip There is no reason for you to be in a state of lack. Lack comes from the lack of understanding of the greatest principals of life which is "The Universe is Abundant". You have only to look around and see the abundance of life about you and to witness it in your world.. know that this creative potential is within you and is destined to show you your life in a much wealthier fashion. Know that richness comes form believing that it is there for everyone and your thoughts and love is the creative power to make that happen. Any thoughts that do not conform to your creative thoughts should be eliminated and the end result focused upon. Let the energy flow towards your goals. Happiness is an internal idea, feeling , creation. You allow you to be that and the world rearranges itself to fulfill it. In Truth, The Lighted Ones I just found out that I am pregnant after 15 years, I don't know what to expect from my boyfriend wehter he will be there for us or not?,,,, Financially im a mess,,,, I need some advice on this matter as I feel like I'm so affraid of my life,,, yet still trying to be enthusiastic? Now this is what we have to offer happy. Be happy in all ways. Know that as you are happy love is present and change can occur. Be in the moment and know that you are blessed in more ways than one. Do not cling to the old thoughts, and live in the present. Be in a state of joy for there are many factors in play now that will show to you that life is a joy. Be in harmony within and you will thrive in all ways. You will be surprised at the glorious awakenings in your world to happen in a reasonable period of time. Our blessings to you, The Lighted Ones I am Bontle g. 26 years old. I have had a problem with my foot for two years now. I need help with that. Is the man in my life the one who will marry me? Will i ever get a promotion where i work? Thank you Regards Bontle When you move with surety in your life you will find that your path leads you to fulfillment of your dreams. When you are in harmony with your desires in thought and mind you will find that you are guided to that which will complete your current dream. Be sure of what you want before continuing on your current path or direction. Take care of yourself and know that healing will be sent and you will be guided to that which will help you. Listen when thoughts are steady and loud and act upon that to finish the healing that has begun. In Love, The Lighted Ones Dear Pamela,I would like to know if my current boyfriend is still dating the mother of his child and is there any future for us,because things seem to fall apart everytime.Iam not happy with him but I love him very much. When you are happy with you , when you can live your life as a testimony of love, when you can see yourself as worthy of all that life has to offer you, when you open your arms wide and accept the joy of living a loving life then the world will show you a path of joy and love. Be love and be in love with life and let the change happen in your life. Blessings to you on your journey of love, the Lighted Ones Pamella, my life has never been perfect but whose has, I’m in a relationship and madly in love, have a good job that has started to pay me well, I’m pregnant with my first child and everything just seems too good, I’m scared something will go wrong. Good things have never just happened to me it’s always been one bad thing after another. Does my future hold any ever lasting happiness? I have a fear that I’m dying. The light you carry within you is indeed reflecting your inner harmony. Be in a state of mind that indeed your life is blessed, for in all ways that is truth. Live for this moment and take each day as it is presented to you. Fear will not assist you in maintaining such love and devotion to life in its endless variety of expressions. Live with love and know that all changes towards this goal will only assist you to the realization that you are that loving being. Life is change and many changes are brought to your awareness daily. Be love and live fully that expression. In Joyous Celebration of Life, The Lighted Ones Hi I would like to find out what future do I have in my current job. I am also together with a friend planning a business that has to do with 2010. Sunshine Believe in your dreams now and let that dream be presented in the world you are involved in. Your current status will always change and the changes will illicit a response that allows you to move forward in your dreams. Move with the energy that compels you to move into your dreams and know that life is creating what you desire. Hold your thoughts to the result rather than the movement to the end result, in this manner you will succeed. In Light, The Lighted Ones Dear Sir/Madam I feel the unluckiness in my life. Why and what should I do? Know that as you feel , sense, believe... so it will be so. Change your thoughts and beliefs and let the harmony in. You are lucky in may ways and blessed in others, seek those and give thanks for them each day of your life. Luck is a product of knowing that you can create your life as you choose it to be. Move past the experiences of the past in your mind and move forward to what you choose to create for yourself. Bemoaning the past will not create a healthier future for you. Believe in you , believe in life and create your world differently. In Light of your understanding, The Lighted Ones will i have wealth? Why not? Think of all the reasons that you should not live comfortably then think of all the reasons you should. Let your thoughts go to why you can and let that be your first step. Now move along and know that you are creating that aspect in your world. Once you have that truly believable then give thanks for the abundance of love , light , understanding, and financial abundance. Let you think only on the thoughts that create what you choose rather than what you do not choose and it will be so. Each time you think otherwise remember you are creating that also. In truth, The Lighted Ones Hi Pamela, I would like to know the MAN that I am dating now we LOVE each other very much, will we get married one day or have children or a child. Both of us comes from alot of hurt in our lives. Thanks C. What you are experiencing is doubt and that stems from the mind and past experiences. Let you take the past and put it behind you. Today is a fresh day to appreciate this moment and what you do have. Life is for living to its fullness and that is living in the present. You are happiest when you let life flow about you and around you and within you, when you live and love in the present moment. Be love and be happy. Life is showering you with joy and endless possibilities. So what do you choose for yourself? In Love, the Lighted Ones hi,i have a spirit attachment problem,i hear one spirit in my mind,i get physically harrased by this/these spirit/s.I pray everyday to god,jesus,my protectors and michael archangel to send them away but they are still here causing me problems.I am currently seeking help ca. once a week to cut the ties that these spirits have made to my body. I am becoming so desperate by this situation,it seems like it is going to take forever to get rid of these earthbound spirits! I would be so grateful if you(the lighted ones) could check out for me why this is taking so long and maybe tell me if this is going to change for the better some time soon.Thank you pamela and the lighted ones, may God bless all of you! Let you be you. Know that as you become just you that the voices and words will desist. Let light surround you so that each day is filled with light. Know that what you are experiencing will leave immediately. Light is the absence of discord and is who you are. Be light, be love and be in a golden glow of light. In this manner you will be free of unwanted attachments in your life. Know that light is the essence also to help others see their way to creating change and spirit or form will respond to that. Think of this as a way of giving harmony to those that seek you out. Be love and light in your thoughts and words. Be love and send that out to the world about you. In the state of love there will be peace. Go within and be who you are and all else will respond in your world. In truth and love, The Lighted Ones