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Web-Design by Made with Xara Web Designer I have stated apply for the higher level job in my company, do you see me succeeding if I get that new job? You will succeed in anything you put your heart into. Love what you are doing and you will be contented and joyful. When Spring arrives give blessings and gratitude for a life of love. In harmony, The Lighted Ones Dear Lighted Ones, We have just purchased a house. Was this a good move to make? Thank you for your guidance. TN Once you have moved into your dream you must realize that you created it for many reasons. Trust that each move you make is one that will give you great opportunites and love. The Lighted Ones Dear Lighted Ones, I have the following question about my life, I was born on 59/12/29 and I am currently working in a succsessful company, as I am not happy with my job I feel I could do something more than what I am doing. Can I leave the current job for something more fulfilling like having my own business? Thank you Choose for yourself what you desire to do and move into that avenue with no reservations only joy. This is the way success will come to you. All aspects in your life will move smoothly when you trust in your dreams. Blessings to you , The Lighted Ones Hi would like to found if will I be making a right decision in marrying my boyfriend ? Nomsa You have never made a wrong decision. You have made decisions that have propelled you on journeys of exploration into avenues of understanding of your true nature. We would offer words of encouragement to follow your heart and be joyous. Blessings to you, --The Lighted Ones Hi I would like to know if I will marry soon Thanks Anitha What you choose to do in this world has already been selected towards your goals. Believe in you , believe in love. --The Lighted Ones I have financial problems, am I going to be through this soon?, are the strategies that I am applying to solve the problems good enough. Regards CM Believe in prosperity, believe in the ability of a prosperous universe to supple you with assistance. Financial dilemmas are in your life only when you have some deep belief in lack. Be positive and move forward. --The Lighted Ones Dear Lighted Ones, I would like to know more about my relationship with woman.Do they love me, am I attractive enough or I am a boring man or what?Also I would like to know more about my sexual life. Thank you, TT This we say to you, have confidence and be humble. These traits will serve you best in your life. Each perception is just that, an individuals perception of his dreams. And each individual will perceive a person, situation, or action differently. It is how you perceive yourself that is important. Blessings, -- The Lighted Ones Dear The Lighted ones I have applied for another job Do I have a chance of getting that position? What do I have to do to get it? Thank you for your response You have the ability to create your world in a number of ways right now. Believe in you aand believe in the ways of the universe to help supply you with endless opportunities in life. Trust in you is important and confidence will be achieved. In Light, --The Lighted Ones Dear Lighted Ones, I would like to know wether I will be a wealthy man soon and if not whether I will get a better paying job. I am turning 32 on August 11.Please tel me truth. regards, TT Listen well now. You can have your hearts desire by believing in you. You must take the steps forward to prevent the opposite from occurring. Lack of belief is the utmost situation you have within you to stop your dreams coming true. Believe in you, believe in your dreams as your reality and the energies can shift about you allowing life to create your dreams. The Lighted Ones Hi Thanks for responding promptly to my mail yesterday. Today I would like to find out if I will get the job that I applied for 2 months ago and if it will bring the career development desired. Warm regards Let us say this to you...we see change occurring in your life. That is all we may say to you on this matter. What would help is your willingness to focus on what you desire is important. Release worry in any form and believe that life is bringing forward all that you desire. Our love to you, --The Lighted Ones I am looking for a job, I would like to know if I will get a job anytime soon? Relax and be in peace for choice is just around the corner for you. If you would focus on what position you would like to assume the choices would manifest more quickly. In love you create what you desire most,-- The Lighted Ones Hi I would like to know whether I have a brighter future with the father of my child. Yes, your future looks bright in many ways. Think the thoughts that create what you want and you will find happiness in all aspects of your life. Our love to you, --The Lighted Ones Dear Pamela Am I Pregnant , Regards, Thandi No you are not. Be at peace all that you desire now is coming forward in a different manner. Blessings to life, The Lighted Ones My name is Busi should I stay in my current employment or will I find another job? You will find that another possibility will enter your awareness. Decide if that dream will bring to you the love for life before making a decision. Meditate on knowingness now in your world. Be still and let love be in your heart. This is preparation for change. With truth, The Lighted Ones