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Web-Design by Made with Xara Web Designer Greetings I would like to know if I will ever meet the love of my life and get married. What are prospects with the 1 I am dating now. Thank you This we say to you...appreciate this moment and know that as your concerns leave so will your prospects open up for you. Life is indeed a joy when you realize that you are in the moment instead of the future. Live life now and be happy. You can have everything your heart desires. Your life is open in that regard. So enjoy today and let life unfold for you so that you see the beauty and fun around you and experience it fully. In Light, The Lighted Ones Thank you for the Answer you have given me, you have prepared me for the bad news i received this morning. i have been disappointed so many times in my life. i have had enough. i don't know what to do now. Live life with a freedom of expression and love. Open yourself to possibilities. Live a dream. There is much coming your way filled with joy and happiness and yet you must be willing to open your heart and be free from sadness. Your life is indeed blessed. Know that and be free to live and love. You will see the truth of these words in a reasonably short amount of time if you do for yourself by opening up to new experiences of joy. -- The Lighted Ones Dear PAMELA Please do respond to my question. I wanted to know whether I have acted well by changing jobs at 51and also whether I MARRIED WELL. My name is Lucky I WAS BORN ON THE 10 June 1954. I ALSO HAVE A SISTER AND NEPHEY THAT I WORRY ABOUT. All your actions are in harmony with the path you have chosen. You may feel burdened by worry and this is the only aspect that is coloring your world to be anything but joyous. Live life with gusto and believe in yourself completely. Happiness unfolds within first and then expands to all of your life. Your family is on their paths and will be happy in their own ways. Just trust in the universe for it has its own Divine plan. Our blessings to you, -- The Lighted Ones. I would like to know, when will my divorce will be through? What we can say is to hold on to your thoughts of your immediate future and live each day with harmony within. Changes will occur in your life and with ease when you relax your hold upon the questions and live in the moment of Now. This will serve you throughout your life as a reminder that harmony needs to be within oneself first. Your life is blessed.-- The Lighted Ones Dear Lighted Ones I am dreaming of being a rich and successful person. Will this be true? Regards And this we ask of when will you belive that your future is in a state of perfection right now. The future holds many things and the truth is what you truly believe with no reservations or thoughts elsewhere. Believe in you now.--The Lighted Ones i just want to know if my boyfriend whose gone overseas for a year, will he ever come back and pick up where we left off, or should i just move on, even though my heart tells me to wait and be patient. Live life fully now and be open to possibilities. Your life is about to undergo a revamp of thought. Be pleased with you and take each opportunity that is presented to you with the joy within you. Be pleased for the moment and always look forward. Your relationship with yourself will make changes in your life that may set you on a path you have not expected. Look forward joyously to change. We are with you in thought, --The Lighted Ones If I resign, how long will it take me to get another job? If your choices lead you in that direction then challenge yourself to come up with an idea that pleases you and then its manifestation will be quicker. Once you know what you desire then it can be fulfilled. Life is full of opportunities and those opportunities will present themselves as you and when you make yourself available for them. In truth, --The Lighted Ones Hi There I would just like to know if my boyfriend and father of my two children will get married and be a family??? Regards Perhaps the best aspect of your life is wasted in knowing that there is disharmony within you and feeling that you have no control over your life. Please be restful in mind and know that your world is playing out its own drama. And what you can do is believe in the love within you as all aspects unfold. Be at peace knowing that what is coming forward for you is happiness. Do not worry but be at peace. The universe will smooth your heart and create situations that will be joyful. --The Lighted Ones What should I do concerning my daughter? Allow her the opportunities to explore her life as she chooses. Do not force decisions upon her but offer suggestions and teach her how to be happy in the world. You teach that which you know best. That which you have learned. That which you show in actions. Be love in all you do, --The Lighted Ones Where does my future lie? Is it in running my own business or working for somebody else? regards What do you choose to do. Once you have set your heart in that direction believe in yourself to help create that desire. Look always towards the future by being in the now. In that way you will take notice of those signs leading you in the direction towards your dreams. Blessings in your travels, --The Lighted Ones Hi, Is my marriage going to workout. KK In everything in life you have choice to see life as being joyful and loving or not to see it so. When two are arranged in a situation that is loving and both wish to be loving together then questions like this will be nonexistent within your mind. Ask yourself what you are desiring and if you are willing to be available with your heart open. If your answer is yes then pursue your life together. If it is no then change your relaionship. The choices are always yours. In Love, --The Lighted Ones Good Day I just want to know why the man in my life is treating me so horrible. Anna What we would ask of you is why you allow that? How are your perceptions of the relationship keeping it in action the way it is? Remember you always have choice. Do you choose to be in a state of mind that is unhappy or do you choose to create happiness within yourself and then in your reality? Life is about choice of the soul and your soul chooses it is up to the physical mind to make its decision. In Light, --The Lighted Ones Hi! Is this the right time for me to look for a job. Regards Mthoko . Yes. --The Lighted Ones Hallo What will I do to finish my diploma. Thanks Michael. What do you choose to do? Find what is most loving and enjoyable and you will find happiness in your work. Believe in your inner guidance to show you the way. You have great things to accomplish in this world and that will surface later on in your life. Trust in your own guidance and follow your heart. Blessings to you, --The Lighted Ones