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My name is Busi should I stay in my current employment or will I find another job? You will find that another possibility will enter your awareness. Decide if that dream will bring to you the love for life before making a decision. Meditate on knowingness now in your world. Be still and let love be in your heart. This is preparation for change. With truth, The Lighted Ones Hi I would like to know when will I meet my husband. When you are in love with life then all things come to you in harmony. Remember always their is right timing in all things. Blessings to your life, The Lighted Ones Both my career and love life are not doing very well,please tell me what to do for them both to improve. Focus on the positive aspects rather than that which appears to not be perfect. See love in all things and be happy with what you see. Yes the world is sending a different message at the moment and you can change that. Look for the good in all ways that you can, remain happy within yourself, find joy in the smallest of things...and then see your world change about you. We are not saying that this will be easy for you at this moment but with repeated action towards this goal you will see it become easier for you until it is your way of life. In light of your understanding, The Lighted Ones Hi I am from South Africa I would so like to know what area I should focus on for my future. Its all very well to talk about the law of attraction and focus on what you want in order to achieve it. But I am 39 and still don’t know what it is I should be doing. I wish I had a focus. What is my direction?. Kind Regards Jacqui Your direction in life is contingent on what you love most. In order to figure that out look about you, your surroundings will tell you what you need to know. How do you motivate yourself towards that goal is to remain positive and seek possibilities. When you know that the possibilities exist for fulfillment then the signs will lead you in the directions most suited for you. When you wish to have motivation for your dreams then know you are excited for life to begin each day. Awake with the knowingness that you have a path to follow today and welcome it by giving thanks before you begin to rise. When you live each day without focus the world unfolds for you in harmony of the moment. Focus in on sending love to everyone you meet and destiny just is. In truth to your awakening possibilities, The Lighted Ones What is in it for me this year - Financial and with my love life. Can I sale my house now. Can I stay on my current job.. First we would ask of you this...What do you want to do? Make decisions based on that answer. Anything you do now will be right and perfect for you. Any decisions you make will be perfect in this moment as long as you come from your heart and truly recognize what it is you want and love. Be with peace and dreams come true. Blessings in your discoveries, The Lighted Ones I am pregnant and have not seen a Dr. How far am I in my pregnancy and what baby will I have. Also how will my boss accept this news as I have only been with the company since February 2007. Thanks Gloria Your life is a secret. When you live each moment with joy all that you do , all that you become, all that happens in the future is lived now and lived with full appreciation. Remember that in life's changes you are taken care of. In truth our blessings to you, The Lighted Ones Hello I feel I am being lead to a more spiritual way of life and I truly am believing this is the way. Financial Stress is my biggest angst. Is there a way out of this. Robyn Believe in the ability to be in abundance and listen to the words and thoughts spoken within to guide you to those goals. Knowing that life is abundant is first, second is knowing that you to are apart of that abundance. Let every waking moment believe in your abundance and give gratitude in a form of love for that which you have now. Know that all is created in the moment of now even if you are not aware of it. focus of what you desire rather than what you do not. In in light of your understanding, The Lighted Ones Will I get a new job? Yes. Have more fun now. The future is upon you. In light, The Lighted ones WOULD I HAVE THE FUTURE WITH THE GUY I AM WITH AND AM I GOING TO GET THE PROMOTION SOON TKS Your future is yet to be determined. There are some aspects to your life that need playing out first before those answers will come to you as your reality. We can not give to you answers at this time. Your light will shine into those areas of least understanding and you will move forward. In Light, The Lighted Ones I am not sure what direction to go with my life's work. Any suggestions? It is time to move in the direction of what you feel is most important to you. To work in an atmosphere of love and assistance. Your life is service orientated. What can you do for others....? In truth, in light, blessings, The Lighted Ones what will happen with my current relationship? When you project love into your life, when you are love, when you see love in all that is about begins to change and open up for you. Be at peace as there are many changes to enter your life. Changes to guide you to your own knowingness on what to act upon and want to move forward with. There are many changes and to live each one with love is your greatest gift. Our light to you, The Lighted Ones I’m going to be my own channel. Can you tell me when this will start to happen and how? Thank you When you are least in expectation. When you are going about your life. Already openings are there and you seem to follow them to some extent. Listening is the art of being still, being open, and being present in the moment of now. Our thoughts move forward to you in gentle harmony with your life, The Lighted Ones I would like to know about love & career? Best Regards Shireen For you ...remember that you create your world, you create your life. find what brings you the greatest happiness and bring forth those ideas into reality.If it is the arts that brings peace within pursue that into your life. If it is beauty in a passing picture... pause to reflect on it. In serenity you will open your mind to what you love most. In light, to shine in your awareness, The Lighted Ones Will my neighbor and I end up in a relationship? There exists the possibility of an involvement and if you choose a bit more. Many things will still need clarification and the ability to reconcile two souls learning to comprehend the nature of true living in harmony. Let you be in peace and move in a daily manner without expectations towards your life's relationships. Then you truly live in the moment. 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