The Lighted Ones Archive Hi everyone, Yesterday the Lighted Ones gave me this exercise to give out to those that are being affected by the events happening in the world. From your heart imagine a golden glow growing bigger. Bring the light down through your body and out the bottom of your feet connecting with Mother Earth. Then see it expanding up through your arms and out your hands. Bring it up through your neck, your head and out your top chakra. Visualize it swirling around your body. Repeat this same procedure with a bright white light - then a pink. Next see a candle flame starting from the heart and encompassing your whole body and out the top of your head to swirl with the other three energies about your body. See yourself outside the Earth so that you see the whole Earth. Allow the swirling colors to come from your heart and hands to the Earth and surround the Earth. Allow it to permeate the mantle of the Earth as well as remaining above the Earth. Open your eyes and come back to yourself. This process sends forth peace, light, love, and hope out to the planet and its people as well as centering, cleansing, and protecting by giving to you these same gifts. By giving forth to the world you also receive greatly. As healers & empaths remember that sometimes you can connect with the fears and pain in the world. If you feel out of balance this will assist you greatly. We are here to help shift the world into a new state of awareness - one of LOVE. Children are highly attuned to the vibrations of energy being emitted also. I sat down with my son and did this procedure with him. The results in his attitude changed almost instantaneously. I hope this helps all of you. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you care to. ~Love, Pam Web-Design by Made with Xara Web Designer