The Lighted Ones Archive 4 Channeling December 8, 2001 A Spiritual Shower Pam and I were talking we were talking about the fact that worthiness had come up in my channeling. And Pam was saying for other friends this was coming up also or older issues were coming up. And we wondered if there was a pattern on this. For me, this was an old wound that had come up. What we can say concerning this is that it is time for those beings of lighted nature, those beings of aware natures, those people whom need to change or grow need to release or re-remember to release all that no longer serves them in the new energetic field that is coming forth into the world. It is time to relinquish those aspects of oneself that do not form a cohesive idea or memory for the next stage of existence on the planet. In other words, your energies need to match the new found freedoms that the souls are going to experience for the future. In order to do that little, aspects are being "niggled", and we will use the word "niggled", to gently prod them forward in such a manner which allows each individual to see themselves in a different way. And the only way one can see themselves in a different way is to look at the past and realize they do no longer choose that. To look at the past and say, these no longer serve me, as these aspects begin to fall forward and fall off by the experience. What changes is the energetic vibration around that person. Each person needs to know that all are worthy under God's light, in God's light, and because of God's light. And that they are God's light. By doing so they find that they are elevated into a different and unique set of patterns, a certain awareness that brings forth more of a contented light into the world. So this is what is occurring for most individuals. On a very spiritual level we would say that they are seeing the trueness of themselves by releasing that which no longer serves them. So if it is coming up into your awareness or anybody else's awareness about their own patterns or their own thoughts that no longer are completely loving it is only due to the fact that it needs to be dropped off. By bringing it to awareness you can let go or alter the energy patterns or energy spots that no longer hold the light that is you. And so forth. It is happening to many. But if you will note that in the many that it is happening, it comes up and diminishes quite rapidly. It is not something that takes years of analysis. No longer is that needed to be so. You do not have time for that. (True!) For it is no longer the time to wallow in self-pity. And all the aspects that have come forth are actually self-pity. For there is something that has brought up to each individual their lack rather than their growth, their lack rather than their abundance. And to note that the unworthiness that you and others are dealing with is one that is very much an untruth, very much is it just a basic fear of not being accepted for whom you are in totality. And that must be eliminated for that cannot serve you, has not served you and will never serve you in the future. So it is brought forth perhaps an old "wound" as you say. But we do not see it as a wound but rather as an opportunity for this energetic vibration to leave that aspect of you. So rather than creating a wound it is actually bringing it to the surface so you can wash it away as you would dirt on the skin. Like letting it bubble up so it can leave. Yes. If you were to be dirty you would take a bath, and it would be gone and you would no longer think about it. Is that correct? (Yes) And it is the same way with this. It lies upon the surface until you wash it away. And so you may do so at any time for we are giving to you that it no longer serves you, it lies there and does nothing for the soul. In essence, if you were to see the energy of it, it would be like a dark spot upon the soul or upon the energetic vibration of the soul. And by energetically washing it away you leave a much brighter area for the world to see. And it needs to be eliminated quickly. Because how could somebody see your light, your heart, to its fullest extent if that were there? Remember this is so easy. Get out your spiritual soap and take a shower! That is all it takes. Translate that into human form! Visualize yourself standing in a shower of silvery energy and allow that to bathe your body as you would rinse your body. Then see your soap, the golden light, and scrub the energy of your body clean within your mind. Allow it to dribble and rinse yourself again with the silvery light. And see what it looks like. Stand out beside you. And do it again and again till you feel you are done. So all this is, is just a basic rubdown if you will, to release the residue. And that is all it is, residue. So you are already there. That is why it is so easy to cleanse yourself of the rest of it. Does that help you? Yes! This is perfect. Can I share this with others? You can share this with anybody that you choose. For this process will work on anybody that has a belief within them that they can help themselves. Web-Design by Made with Xara Web Designer