The Lighted Ones Archive 3 September 12, 2001 Good evening. Today is a day of great reconsideration. Reconsideration of the mind and of the heart. It is a time for energies to be as they should be. To be balanced, to be whole. To draw in, not only from the earth but also from the heavens, the universal thoughts of peace and harmony. Today is a day of awakening up to the true gift of giving to each other. Whether it be from the mind, the heart, the soul or even from the physical realm the gift of light, the gift of love, and the gift of assistance in all ways. It is necessary to remember this is not a tragedy. This is a hope beyond hope that all life can come together and be at peace. And that is the outcome or the hope for the outcome that must be looked upon as an eventuality to hold in your heart and mind no matter what the circumstances seem to be, that there will be peace upon this earth. For peace is the only thing that will give to each individual a sense of feeling of belonging to a greater whole, belonging to a greater sense of specialness and unity between the earth and its people. Yes this was a start, but the starts have happened many times. It is now a different starting point, a different way of beginning for there are more people that are awake now than ever before. And although the situation that has occurred is not one that is pleasant, it is one that can create change. And change is imminent and change is here. And there is not one person upon this earth that was not touched by what occurred today and yesterday. Remember that, for all things are vibrating to the same avenue of awareness whether they are awake to remember it or to understand it. Take to heart what we have said. And know that in all things there is a divine greatness. In all things there is a divine light. And in all circumstances there is continuity, continuity of love that threads its way like a blanket of light throughout the earth. Be at peace and send that peace forward. It is the message that we come to give. It is the message that great masters have given throughout the ages. That one needs to find that wholeness within themselves, that peace and that light and radiate it to each other. That one needs to find within their heart all the joy that they have and send it forth to the world. Remember you are not alone in this. For there are many assisting, many more than ever before to help to create a harmony that will be a while in coming but should be there, that can be there, that might be there or that will be there. For the variables are still out there. But there is more unity now within your earth than ever before. Be at peace and go that way within your mind and certainly ask for assistance. Ask all you like for yourself, for yourself first so that you truly have the energy and the resources to give and to give greatly. Take this time to relax, to reflect and to be at peace. This has been an opportunity for change. And perhaps one that others won't be able to see it as such, especially those who are grieving for those loved ones they have lost. And remember that those that are grieving have to grieve. Allow them that grief and surround them with light and love so that they may fully be appreciative of being on the earth frame. Our love goes to you tonight and to all those who need it. Web-Design by