The Lighted Ones Archive 2 Channeling - The Lighted Ones September 11, 2001 Good day - indeed there have been changes in the world. But remember this, all things are for the better. All things are occurring in order for life to make a change in awareness. It is a change in understanding that human life is important. That human life is indeed special. And that human life is indeed a powerful force of light in the world. It is necessary for this event to occur in order for all nations in the world to look at what they have created. To look at what they have entreated upon, forced upon the world in many ways. The values that they hold dear to themselves are not necessarily the values that are necessary to promote a sustainable life in the world. It is necessary to remember that all those beings that have sacrificed their personal world, their personal existence for this cause do so in loving regard to the world. Not as a sacrifice but as a completion to what they have chosen to do upon this planet. To assist in the awakening of those whom are left to come to a place of love. For indeed this is what the expression means. It is necessary for the world to unite to become one. And at this time, or in prior times, it has not always been this way. Nor has it ever been a peaceful planet. It is necessary for the world to unite in a holy cause of not war but LOVE, to exist together and work together to create the planet the way it should be, in harmony. We are not going to say this will happen over night. Nor will this be the end to all the circumstances that are going to occur because of this situation. But what we will say to give you a better example of what will occur is that the world will need to be brought forth together. And to do so it will have to unite in a common cause and that is to value human life, to value the soul's existence upon this planet. What has occurred today is not the end nor will it be. And perhaps you may understand that it may get a little worse before it even rights itself. And we are speaking of years here - years of feelings, years of understanding, and years of beings coming together to understand their own divine reasoning, their own divine existence & their own divine self. Today is not a tragedy although it appears to be so. It is just the actions of life to create balance in the world. And that must be remembered. In all things, love needs to take a prime place. Love needs to come forth into its own existence and love needs to be projected into the world now. It is not an act of love what has occurred today. It is an act of understanding. And the world is going to be fearful, very fearful. And it is this fear that needs to be countered with an energy of light and love. Indeed on our side we are projecting that into the world. But what will happen will be an increased awareness of war; an increased awareness of revenge until it rights itself into a balance. And again we are speaking of years - many, many years. But at the same time, remember that if the world can come into a greater state of awareness in a quicker way then peace can reign. We do not feel this is going to happen for there is too much fear out there and there always has been. But at this time what you and others can do is to find that balance within yourself. To understand the rightness of what is occurring. To understand that this is just an aspect of love, to create love in the world. For as you well know, through tragedy love has a chance to shine. And indeed it may be individuals assisting other individuals, it may be on a very base level for those who are not aware of the divine existence. For those of you who are aware that there is a greater light out there, it is time to open up to that light. To see it pouring through you and to others, and to see it pouring around the world. To emerse the world in love, peace, hope, and light. Those four aspects. To project them and radiate them out from you and till they go around the world. If all were to do that now, there is a chance that this would shift into a different aspect much quicker. You have an opportunity now to reach out to others and to speak these words to others. To gather your friends, your family, your spiritual family, and those that you know to be light and love and to be doing this work and to connect with them, to join in a global aspect of peace. And this is important. If by a phonecall or by a word spoken you can create more peace in the world then it is worthwhile. This is important and yet it will seem trivial in light of what is occurring. But remember it is not, it is very important in order to regain balance. Remember that peace needs to reign in the world. Web-Design by Made with Xara Web Designer