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Lighted Ones 2011 Message
Hi  I am really pleased to get your forecasts on a weekly basis so much better than daily. Thank you. Kindest Regards & keep on keeping on!    ~Love Winn xx Your daily messages are outstanding and have enriched my life (our lives!) in many ways, bless you all for being who you are! ~TP LIGHTED ONES - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,    This really hit the spot today!!! I have been wanting to send Pam & You A real long E-mail About what has been going in my Spirit Life this year. But for now I have to tell you both, your Daily M. have meant a lot. In the last few months I am really understand what they mean to me and the world On a whole different level. I am connecting to Divine Love & Light more often. ~LOVE ROXIE